Unit Title: Endangered Animals

The final project is designed to be conducted in the ICT lesson with primary 4 students.

Thoughts and reflections on the final project

Why did you choose this topic? These standards?

The final project is a modified unit plan that was conducted in the ICT lessons. The topic for the unit plan was on Chinese White Dolphins in Hong Kong and mainly focused on the presentation aspect. I decided to make the topic broader by changing it to endangered animals. I wanted to give students a choice and ownership over the content of their presentation.

Upon reflection of how I had run the unit plan on Chinese White Dolphins, I felt that students did not develop a deep understanding of the threats and issues that these animals faced. The presentations that they had created had limited content.

If you revamped a previously created learning experience, what have you changed and why? What’s been added and/or removed? Why?
How does this learning experience (unit plan) relate to what you learned in Course 1?

I revamped the previously created learning experience to focus more on the research students conducted to inform their presentation. The ISTE Standards for Students helped me think about the learning experience I wanted to provide students when using technology. I was reminded of the half-life of knowledge and also the overwhelming amount of information available. After seeing the standards for “Knowledge Constructor”, I knew that I wanted to develop students’ research and thinking skills so that they would be able to make use of the information and make reasonable evaluations.

I also included peer feedback, self-assessment and reflection. I wanted to create an opportunity for students to receive ongoing and timely feedback on their presentation and have the time to make changes in light of this. Since this unit is 8 weeks long, I wanted students to reflect and self-assess their overall performance. Engaging students in self-assessment and reflection can help guide students as to how they can identify their strengths and weaknesses and move forward in their learning.

How was this learning experience (unit plan) different from or similar to other learning experiences (unit plans) you have designed?

The unit plan was different from the unit plans that I have used in that it incorporated GRASPS to help and guide teachers on to write the task. It clearly defined the important aspects of the task to students. It was interesting to think about the role of the student as they take on the performance task and the situation in which they would need to do this. This encourages the task to be authentic as you have to think about a real-life situation in which this would occur.

What has influenced you the most in Course one, and how is that reflected in your learning experience/unit plan?

What influenced me the most in course one was the use of technology in teaching and learning. I had always focused on the integration of technology into the task. The task always came first, and technology would come second. Based on course 1, I have come to realise that the learning experience is what should be designed first. Instead of thinking about how I could integrate technology into a task, this time around, I thought about what kind of learning experience with technology that I wanted students to have. I knew that I wanted to provide students with the opportunity to use technology to create something entirely their own.

What outcomes do you hope to see when students complete this learning experience/unit?

When students complete this learning unit, I hope that they can better locate and identify information relevant to their respective topic and possess the skills and knowledge to evaluate the information they have found.