Civen h.

About me 

Hello! My name is Civen. I am a primary school teacher from Hong Kong. I have been a teacher for seven years. I have five years of experience in teaching English from primary 1 to 6. I am currently teaching Science and ICT.

As I was teaching English, I developed an interest and curiosity in using educational technology. I began my journey in exploring the various ways edtech could be integrated in a meaningful way that could engage and enhance my students’ learning experience in the classroom. I soon naturally gravitated to anything that was related to edtech! I am particularly interested in how it could be used in the classroom to engage students and get everyone involved and how it can be used to help teachers inform their teaching and students’ learning.

In my free time, I love to bake! A recent feat of mine would be finding a cookie recipe where the cookie is soft and simply divine! A new goal that I have now would be finding the perfect brownie recipe and probably mastering egg tarts!