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Week 6: Final project

Before sharing the final course project, I first would like to introduce my groupmates, Abigail and

Week 5: Becoming contributors

When I think about an acceptable use policy (AUP) or responsible use policy (RUP), I never

Week 4: THINK

I think by nature I tend to be warier of what I am presented with online.

Week 3: Finding the Balance

In this time and day, the growth and ubiquity of technology have made us more and

Week 2: Evolution of connections

As humans, we are social creatures. Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we have social needs

Week 1: Respect the remix

Initially, I started with the week’s topic, “Respect the Remix”, by reading through the materials on

Week 6: Final project

Unit Title: Endangered Animals The final project is designed to be conducted in the ICT lesson

Week 5: Making sense of the chaos

When I think back to what I learnt in university, I remember committing Vygotsky, Piaget and

Week 4: It’s all about the learning experience not the technology

When I read the term “tech-rich learning”,,,, I wanted to understand more about how it is

Week 3: Being efficient with time

After watching Josh Kaufman’s TED talk on “The first 20 hours – how to learn anything”,